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Inge Beaujean



Inge Beaujean comes from the Netherlands, and lives on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.

In her work, she helps clients to achieve physical and emotional healing. Her unique approach successfully combines counselling and psychotherapy with a number of other techniques in order to provide gentle redirection towards balance and fulfilment.

She draws on many years of experience with clients, formal training in all the techniques she employs, and her own personal growth. One of the trademarks of her work is the natural integration of spirituality and daily life.

While working as a language lecturer, Inge developed an interest in the spiritual side of communication and in spiritual growth. She embarked on training, engaging on many courses over a 25 year period. She also developed her intuitive and psychic abilities, which are important tools that she utilises in her sessions with clients.

Inge completed the seven year diploma at the International School for Spiritual Psychology in the Netherlands, and is qualified to teach this method. She will be giving an introduction to the training in January 2017 in Spain (More about the ISSP here and information on the new course here).

She was also trained in the Self-Confrontation Method, a post-academic training in Nijmegen. This method is especially useful when clients are in a time of transition or intensive change, or when they want to make important life decisions.

Inge then completed training in a healing technique, which is based on the knowledge that we live in a holographic universe and that all information is contained within that hologram. This leading-edge approach utilizes the fifth dimension to powerful impact on our third dimensional world. (More about Fifth Dimension Healing here).

More recently Inge trained as a practitioner of Touch of Matrix. This is a revolutionary technique provides relief from mental or physical health problems in a gentle and rapid manner. Much of the work is done without the intervention of the conscious mind, as the practitioner works on all levels of the client’s system. (More about Touch of Matrix here).

Inge’s mastery of these various disciplines means that she is capable of working with a wide range of issues, and she has a very high success rate in helping people achieve their goals of health, peace of mind and success in life. (Read more about the range of services Inge offer here).

Many years ago Inge discovered that she has a natural talent to connect intuitively with animals. As she has a great love for animals, she developed a passionate interest in the field of animal communication. If you are interested in learning more, please visit www.animal-communicator-inge.com.

Inge has clinics in Gibraltar and in her home near Sotogrande in Spain. She is also available for consultation and treatment via Skype. 

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